April 2016

Public Notice - Adoption of Bylaw no. 463 concerning the division of the territory of the Village of Senneville into six (6) electoral districts


The Village of Senneville Will Draw Its Electoral Map This Year

I, the undersigned, Town Clerk of the Municipality of the Village of Senneville, would like to remind Senneville citizens that pursuant to the Act Respecting Elections and Referendums in Municipalities (AERM), the Village of Senneville has to draw up its electoral map by May 31st in view of the general elections of November 2017.

This will involve dividing the municipal territory into electoral districts containing about the same number of electors, taking into account criteria such as physical barriers, demographic trends, borough boundaries, surface area and distance. This operation is aimed at ensuring fair representation in the council. The process consists of two main stages during which citizens can intervene.

Presenting a draft bylaw

After adopting a draft bylaw on the division of the territory, the municipal council will present it to citizens by publishing a notice in the local newspaper Cités Nouvelles. Citizens who object to the proposed division can state their opposition in writing to the clerk. If enough objections are received, the council has to hold a public meeting during which those interested can be heard.

Districts 2017

Adopting the bylaw

Thereafter, the municipal council will adopt a bylaw on the division of the territory that may or may not be identical to the draft bylaw. The bylaw will also be published in the said newspaper. If electors still do not agree with the new division, they may express their objection in writing to the Commission de la représentation electorate (CRE). If the number of objections received meets the number stipulated by law, the Commission has to hold a public meeting during which those who are interested can be heard. The CRE will then establish the delimitation of electoral districts and put the map into effect.

For more information

Anyone who is interested in the division of the territory of a municipality into electoral districts can obtain information with the undersigned either by phone or email or by visiting the website of the Chief Electoral Officer at www.electionsQuébec.qc.ca. The Info Centre of the Chief Electoral Officer can also be reached by calling, toll free, 1 888 ELECTION (1 888 353-2846).

Joanne Bouclin
Town Clerk
(514) 457-6020 ext.: 160