Drinking Water

The Village of Senneville receives its drinking water from the Pierrefonds water filtration plant.


Water Quality

Samples of the drinking water are taken on a weekly basis. The samples are then sent to an independent laboratory for analysis and the results are then transmitted to the authorities at the Pierrefonds Water Filtration Plant, the Department of Public Works at the Village of Senneville, and the Quebec Ministry of the Environment. If any abnormality is detected, appropriate measures will be taken and the public will be notified either by the media, a statement or a message via automated telephone system.

Water supply and fluoride

The water supplied by the Pierrefonds Water Plant does not contain fluoride.

For tips and tricks for saving water, refer to the section Take Action!

Quebec Strategy for the reduction of drinking water (Stratégie québécoise d'économie d'eau potable)

Through the Quebec Strategy for the reduction of drinking water, the Quebec government imposes that municipalities reduce drinking water consumption by 20% by 2017. In this regard, municipalities are required to put in place measures to conserve drinking water and see that these measures are met. A regulation on the use of drinking water will be adopted by the City Council shortly and it will be based on a provincial model that will include various restrictions, while meeting the requirements of the Quebec Strategy, it has been reviewed and adjusted to minimize the impact on our citizens.

Quebec Water Policy