The official branch collection will begin Wednesday, April 19th (exceptionally, the first collection will be postponed to the week of April 24th) and thereafter the regular bi weekly schedule will be resumed until November 15th, 2017 (subject to change due to weather conditions). 

Occasionally, collection days may vary depending on the urgent tasks required by the Public Works employees.

In order to facilitate the collection, here are the conditions to be respected:

  • Branches must be placed on your property approximately 1 metre from the edge of the road and in small piles with the trimmed edge facing towards the road.
  • Branches must not exceed 7,5 cm (three inches) in diameter as this service is intended only to handle branches from minor pruning or from storm damage.  Waste from pruning or felling trees performed by private contractors will not be collected.
  • Roots, stumps, metal or plastic objects, as well as rocks must be removed.
  • Non complying branches will not be collected, as a result, a notice explaining areas of non-conformity will be left in the mail box for future reference.

In addition, the municipality offers shredded branches (wood chips), free of charge, to citizens.  In order to obtain this transformed material, please contact the Town Hall at 514 457-6020 to reserve your quantity.

18 April 2017