Planning Advisory Committee


The Planning Advisory Committee's mandate is to study and submit recommendations to the municipal Council on any questions regarding planning, zoning, subdivision and building, as well as opinions on any comprehensive development program, on any plans concerning site planning, integration and architecture of constructions or the development of the land and related work and on any request for a minor exemption. The P.A.C. also ensures that a proposed project does not adversely affect a Heritage Building or a Architectural Ensemble. If a proposed project does not conform to existing by-laws then the committee will give the owners an explanation and if possible, make recommendations to modify the project so that it can become acceptable.

The P.A.C. encourages applicants to submit preliminary schematic drawings so that the final results will evolve to everyone's satisfaction. In order to make a comprehensive review for a building permit, the P.A.C. requires clear and final working drawings of the proposed project. For all projects with a construction cost of $100 000 or more, provincial law requires that the plans be signed by a member of the Order of Architects of Quebec.

The members are: Councillors Brian McManus and Dennis Dicks and residents Steve Coach (chair), Shelby Hacala,  Kristin McLeish. Alain Savoie and Mark Trépanier.
Substitutes for elected members: Mayor Jane Guest and councillor Peter Csenar.

The Demolition Committee

The Demolition Committee studies and authorizes all demolition requests. Before granting a request, the committee considers the state of the structure, the deterioration of the architectural appearance, the esthetic character or the quality of the neighbourhood, the cost of restoration, the planned use of the ground after demolition and all other criteria it may deem pertinent.

Demolition Committee members are: Councillors Dennis Dicks, Brian McManus and Charles Mickie (chair). The substitute member is concillor François Vaqué.