Territorial development projects

Boisé Pearson

March 24, 2020

Cadastral operation
for lot 1 977 164 – Boisé Pearson

On February 27, 2020, the owner of lot 1 977 164 (Boisé Pearson) submitted a request for a cadastral operation permit for the subdivision of a public road, connected to Sainte-Anne Street, as well as the creation of seven (7) residential use lots (single-family dwellings).  
The cadastral operation request is in compliance with current urban planning regulations. 
It is important to remember that according to our regulation, the wetland and its protective strip (15 m) must be preserved, as must 80% of trees with stems of 10 cm and over (DHP). Should more trees need to be cut down in the authorized clearing area for an intervention, the applicant must replace the trees.  It is worth mentioning that trees with stems of 10cm are less in diameter can be felled without a permit and they represent an important ratio of the existing woodlot.
After analysing the request according to the SPAIP by-law, the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) issued a favorable opinion to Council with recommendations including identification, protection and cutting of trees, management of runoff water and preservation of the wetland.  These recommendations will allow to ensure the work is controlled.
Finally, the subdivision permit will only be issued once all terms for the project are concluded, including the municipal infrastructure agreement (road and infrastructure). 

Resolution 2020-03-194

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