Property taxes

Tax rates

  • Tax rates and payment terms for the 2023 fiscal year - Bylaw 493
  • Tax rates and payment terms for the 2022 fiscal year - Bylaw 489
  • Tax rates and payment terms for the 2021 fiscal year - Bylaw 486
  • Tax rates and payment terms for the 2020 fiscal year - Bylaw 483
  • Tax rates and payment terms for the 2019 fiscal year - Bylaw 478
  • Tax rates and payment terms for the 2018 fiscal year - Bylaw 470

Due dates

The 2023 due dates for the municipal taxes:

First installment -February 27 , 2023

Second installment - May 29, 2023

There is a $ 50 administration fee for any payment refused by the drawee (eg NSF check)

There is no longer a penalty charged on arrears, but all arrears bear interest at the new rate of 10% per year, calculated day-to-day from the due date.


Methods of payment

Accounts can be paid by the following:

  • By mail: send one or more post-dated cheques payable to the Village of Senneville using the payment stubs attached to your tax account;
  • In person at the Town Hall: Payments in person can be made by cheque to the order of the Village of Senneville, by debit card or in cash. It is also possible to deposit your paiement by cheque in the mail chute that is on the exterior wall of Town Hall (near the municipal garage). Credit card payments are not accepted.
  • At the counter / counter of your financial institution with detachable payment coupons.
  • Online through the website of the following financial institutions: Caisse Desjardins, CIBC, BMO, TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank and National Bank

When paying on the financial institution’s website, please note that you must enter the client number that appears on the tax account. Some financial institutions require a four (4) digit number, so you will need to add one or in some cases two zeros (0) before your account number. For example, for client number 50 = 0050, or 150 = 0150.


To avoid interest charges, please allow two working days before the due date for this payment to be sent to the Village of Senneville.

To consult the tax bill for the Village of Senneville, click here