Neighbourhood watch

Your Neighbourhood Watch will work to ensure that our community remains a safe and secure place to live.

As neighbours, we are often aware of events that appear to be out of the ordinary and cause for concern.  The Neighbourhood Watch builds a partnership with the community to improve community safety; our focus will be citizen awareness and crime prevention. The Neighbourhood Watch can help to keep the community informed via e-mail if there is a problem.

If you are interested in receiving Senneville Neighbourhood Watch email notices, please contact your Block Captain.

IMPORTANT: Note that the Neighbourhood Watch only collects the information. Citizens must first alert the police of a threatening situation, and then use the committee's communication network to monitor events and communicate information.

If you have an incident to report please phone the police then contact your Neighbourhood Watch Block Captain. You can verify your district by clicking on the following link: Electoral Districts

Block capitain

District 1

Wendy Tillet

District 2

Susan Louie

District 3

Ginette Rheault

District 4

Julie Marcellus

District 5

Stefanie Bunze

District 6

Tanya Narang

Neighborhood watch coordinator

Stefanie Bunze