Mercaptan delivery


Please note that a delivery of odorant for natural gas is planned in our municipality (157 Senneville Roadon September 27th. The mercaptan is the substance injected into natural gas to give it the smell of rotten eggs. It is therefore possible that the odor is found and reported. A single drop may cause an intense odor.
Risks for a standard operating procedure such as the activity scheduled for September 27th are low. It is important to know that mercaptan is a flammable and toxic product. In case of fire, carbon dioxide, foam and dry chemical powder are suitable extinguishing agents. If inhaled, move the victim to fresh air and give oxygen if breathing is difficult. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes.
For all issues related to natural gas, please contact Energir at: 514-598-3152 or 1-855-598-8111.