Important information - Power outage


Citizens affected by the ongoing power outages are invited to the George McLeish Community Centre (20 Morningside Avenue, Senneville) to plug in their electronic devices, use the toilet, access water and keep warm. Currently, the community centre does have an Internet connection.

A hall monitor is on site to welcome you.


Electrical wires
For the safety of the public, it is important to stay away from electrical wires that have fallen to the ground or trees that are touching electrical wires, but rather to call 9-1-1 to have the area secured. We also invite road users to be very careful around our work zones.

Please ensure that you do not park on public roads or on the side of the road. It is safer to park your vehicles in your respective driveways.

Food safety after a power outage
After a power outage, sort and select the food that is left in your refrigerator and freezer. This will help you avoid food poisoning.


Branches that have fallen on the property, when it is safe to do so, can be placed at the curb to be collected during the branch collection scheduled for early next week.

Considering the exceptional situation caused by the freezing rain, tree felling work can be done without a prior tree felling application. We ask that you to communicate with the Village of Senneville to provide the details regarding the tree fellings (number of trees, location of the tree and any other relevant details).


In the event of a municipal emergency (public works), we invite you to contact 514-630-1234. Our services will continue to ensure your safety. In case of emergency, please call 9-1-1.

The Municipality of Senneville will continue to monitor the situation and we invite the population to be vigilant when travelling and to stay informed of the situation.

The Administration