Septik tank cleaning

Sanivac has been mandated by the village of Senneville for the emptying of the septic tanks in their area for the current year. This mandate requires that Sanivac proceed with emptying your septic tank completely between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday between October 15th and October 18th.


Important - Preparation by the property owner or occupant prior to their visit


The owner/occupant must ensure a clear passage of 4.2 meters (14’) wide by 4.2 (14’) meters high so that our truck can park at a maximum distance of 40 meters (130’) from your septic tank.


In addition, the septic tank covers must be free of any obstruction by excavating the soil, removing objects and other materials surrounding the covers, furthermore clearing the soil 15 cm (6’’) around the covers as shown in the examples below.


Sanivac asks all property owners of Bionest™ septic systems contact Sanivac upon receiving this notice in order to coordinate the necessary measures we must take for this type of system.



Upon completion of the septic tank emptying, Sanivac will place the covers back as they were. Replacing the soil or other items are the responsibility of the owner/occupant.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,