Adoption of by-law 481 - Drainage and water network improvements

The purpose of this communication is to correct inaccurate information that has circulated in recent days regarding the proposed drainage and water network project in the sector of McKenzie, Pacific Avenues and Senneville Road.

In 2016, Council adopted a master plan to ensure sound management of drainage work within its territory, in compliance with the criteria set out in the Québec Government's Guide for Rainwater Management.

The work identified in the 2016 master plan reported costs of $ 6 million to correct all of the areas throughout Senneville (Basins 3 to 22). After a detailed assessment of the priorities and options available, Council agreed to undertake the most urgent sector, Basin 4, and to tackle it in phases in order to spread the financial impact to the citizens.

I invite you to consult the documents related to the master plan adopted in May 2016:  Master Plan for the Senneville Village drainage network dated May 2016  and the January 31, 2019 presentation to citizens: Presentation of the draft Regulation 481 of March 31, 2016 January 2019 (French only)

The borrowing by-law adopted at the February 25th public meeting to fund the drainage and water network project is for a total expenditure of $ 2.2M, of which $ 350K will be financed out of the surplus and $ 1.9M by a long-term loan.  It should be noted that 30% of the costs attributable to the project are used for the water network improvements and 70% will be used to improve drainage within the area. The administration is still investigating the possibility of obtaining a grant for the water elements of the project of which, if obtained, will be applied to reduce the long-term loan. 
Finally, it is important to mention that if this project does not go ahead as proposed, fragmented corrections will have to be made by the municipality to correct the numerous existing problems.  Piecemeal solutions are rarely financially beneficial in the long run.

For more information on the borrowing by-law and the keeping of the register please consult the public notice. PUBLIC NOTICE - Holding a register for by-law 481.
Julie Brisebois

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