Spring Floods - Preventive Measures




The Montreal Civil Security Center has announced INTERVENTION 1 mode since Thursday April 18th at 10 am.

Hydrological forecasts show an upward trend over the next few days consequently, the municipality is closely monitoring areas at risk.  In the field, various interventions are put in place: checking and recording of water levels, installation of auxiliary pumps (if required), cleaning of the water networks, observation rounds, road protection, etc.

Homeowners are required to be proactive in obtaining the necessary equipment to protect their property. As a last resort, the municipality will have a limited number of sandbags available for the residences located in the risk areas, free of charge and first come, first served.

If a situation seems unusual, please contact the Town Hall at 514-457-6020 or 514-630-1234 after office hours.  In the case of an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.


BE VIGILENT! We invite citizens to remain vigilant and be prepared to take action.

The booklet WHAT TO DO BEFORE, DURING & AFTER is available at Town Hall and on the website:  https://www.villagesenneville.qc.ca/en/104/floods