Spring Floods - Preventive Measures



The INTERVENTION 1 mode as decreed by the Montreal civil security since Thursday April 18th is still applied and will be adapted considering the evolution of the conditions.


  • The weather forecast for the next few days predicts significant rainfall in the Ottawa River watersheds. This precipitation will substantially increase water flow in the Ottawa River which will have a direct impact on the level of Lac des Deux-Montagnes and may increase the level to the major flood threshold of which, the flood water can be fast and unpredictable.




The municipality continues to closely monitor the territory and is in direct communications with the various authorities.  In the field, the team continue to assure various interventions are put in place: checking and recording of water levels, installation of auxiliary pumps (if required), cleaning of the water networks, observation rounds, road protection, etc.

 It is imperative that all homeowners in the “risk areas” implement all necessary measures to protect their property.  For public work interventions, please call 514-630-1234 or in the case of an emergency dial 9-1-1.

 The Senneville booklet “WHAT TO DO BEFORE, DURING & AFTER the flooding” is available at Town Hall and on the website:  https://www.villagesenneville.qc.ca/en/104/floods