Paving Work on Highway 40

The ministère des Transports will continue paving work on Autoroute 40 in the west island of Montréal, which began last fall. This year's work concerns the section between the Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge (excluding the bridge) and the boulevard des Anciens-Combattants.

Traffic Management - Significant Nighttime Closures in the Area

Starting May 27 until the end of July, partial and complete night closures will be required on Highway 40 (Félix-Leclerc) in either direction. The first interventions involve the roadway dedicated to eastbound traffic. During complete closures, road users will be redirected to the opposite road, in the opposite direction.


Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge

The interventions do not require any complete obstruction of Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge.. It should be noted, however, that bridge maintenance work is planned for this summer and for the next few months once this project is completed. As in previous years, dynamic traffic management will maintain three open lanes on the bridge in the direction of the peak. The schedule and details of the work will be communicated at the appropriate time.

In the event of adverse weather conditions or operational constraints, the work and detours could be postponed or canceled.

This project is listed in the 2019-2021 road investment list for the Montreal region. The Ministry thanks road users for their collaboration. In order to plan your travel appropriately, find out about current and future roadblocks by consulting Québec 511. For the safety of road users and workers, it is essential to respect signage in place.