Road and maintenance works


August 5th to 16th 2019

Between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., the Village of Senneville’s public works, will proceed with the unidirectional flushing of the south water distribution system.  (Muir Park circle, Elmwood, Tunstall, Morningside, Sunset, Senneville between Sainte-Anne and Sunset)


What does the process involve?

The unidirectional flushing of the water distribution system is a systematic removal of non-solidified deposits using water velocity. An organized and strategic manipulation of hydrants to be flushed and valves ensures that the source of water used to clean always comes from previously flushed sections, with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas. 

Consequently, you could experience a slight temporary loss of water pressure and your water could also be rust coloured. This may cause some inconvenience such as stains on fabrics.  However, there is no risk for your health.


What to do in case of rusty water?

The Village of Senneville suggests that you leave the cold water running until water loses its colouration.

As this is a large-scale operation, covering the village south system, your water could be rust coloured on several different occasions.  However, you can do your laundry and dishes after hours and days above-mentioned as no work is carried out between these hours.

The Village of Senneville apologizes for the inconveniences associated with this work necessary to maintain the quality of service, and thanks you for your understanding.